Annual home maintenance is an important part of home ownership. When you keep your home well maintained, you also maintain the value of your investment. When homeowners fail to keep up with regular home care, then it can lead to greater problems. Cleaning the gutters is one of those regular tasks homeowners have to deal with. Gutters keep the rain directed away from the foundation and walls of your home, but they also are fast to collect leaves, rocks, dirt, debris, and sticks. In fact, water can even freeze inside your gutters if they become clogged because it cannot flow out. This means gutters can become clogged relatively quick. According to the experts, how often you clean your gutters depends in large part how many and what type of trees you have, but it’s generally a good idea to have them cleaned between two and four times a year. Here are 5 things that can happen if your gutters are neglected.


Gutter damage

Not cleaning out your gutters can actually damage your gutters. Your gutters are meant to be clean and clear. The leaves and debris that collects in the gutter weigh the entire system down. When the temperature drops and the water doesn’t flush out of the gutter because of the debris that is lying in it, then everything freezes. This compounds the problem since the frozen water and debris will weigh even more than loose debris. The weight of this will start to pull on your gutters and may do damage to them.


Foundation damage

Another serious problem that arises when gutters are not regularly attended to is foundation damage. This occurs because when the gutters become clogged they can no longer serve as a channel for the water to flow out. If not directed away from the house, then rainwater has nowhere else to go but to the ground below. That means it will fall close to the house and make puddles around your foundation. Over time, the water can seep into your foundation walls and cause a hairline crack. This is just the start of the problem. It will progress if not dealt with promptly.


Roof damage

Roof shingles are costly and not something you want to replace. That’s why it’s crucial to keep the gutters cleared out. If you don’t, then the combination of melting snow from your roof and frozen debris and water in your gutters can cause water to lie on your roof. As the snow tries to melt and cannot flow into the gutters easily because it’s backed up, then that means the snow and water will stay on your roof longer. The risk of rotting roofing is real.


Siding and wall damage

Of course, if your gutters are not properly channeling the rain away from your house, then that means a good deal of it will be drenching the side of your home. As rainwater soaks the siding, it can seep into any crevices that may be there. In addition, it could potentially damage the paint on your home.


Pest issues

Finally, without the proper gutter cleaning, you may discover that pests will enjoy the leaves and debris that have accumulated. Tiny critters, mosquitoes, and other bugs may decide to make a home in or around the gutters. It could become a nasty habitation for creatures you’d rather not have creeping into your home. Keeping the gutters cleared out will also keep those pests away too.


If you haven’t cleaned your gutters for a while, then they most likely need it now. You can get a small ladder and climb up to inspect the gutters. If you see a collection of debris in the tube then you know it’s time for you to have them cleaned. You can attempt to do the job yourself by using a powerful hose to spray through one end and watch the debris come out the other. But, if you don’t see a good stream of water coming through, then that means you have a build up of debris in the middle somewhere. It’s best to contact a professional to help you get the gutters cleaned. At You’ve Got it Maid, we handle exterior cleaning for our clients including gutter cleaning. Connect with us today for more information.